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There are a variety of dining experiences and tastes to satisfy all of our sincere customers.
While enjoying your meal at the sushi bar, you can watch our skillful sushi chefs showing off their artistic culinary talents preparing the dishes. Table side, other than the various Japanese appetizers, we also offer a complete list of Tempura, Teriyaki, Katsu, and full Sushi and Sashimi specialties.
The customers of Ichiro Sushi are quite diverse. Ranging from Japanese businessmen visiting or working at any of the large area businesses and corporations in the city to local citizens who appreciate traditional Japanese cuisine. Whether you are just beginning to explore the many delights of Sushi and Sashimi, or you are already a true connoisseur, Ichiro Sushi provides you with one of the finest dining experiences in Japanese cuisine. We are located in Milton, MA.
We look forward to your visit!